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Condolence to the New Zealand Muslim Community

Today, at least 49 Muslims died and dozens were injured in an armed attack in two separate mosques in New Zealand. Muslims who came to the mosque to perform the Friday prayer were subjected to a long-term and cold-blooded attack by a racist assailant. We pray to Allah for those who lost their lives, offer our condolences to the Muslim community of New Zealand and condemn this racist and anti-Islamist attack.

Although this attack in New Zealand seems to have been carried out by a single attacker, it reminds us of the recent attacks on Muslim communities in the Western world. It is clear that the rising racist and anti-Islamic political discourses in the world have strengthened the tendencies that encourage such attacks.

In order to prevent similar attacks, all kinds of racist or Islamophobic discourse to which immigrant communities have been subjected must be condemned. The main responsibility for the international community is to take urgent measures to protect migrants and minority groups. As the Rights Initiative, we call on all institutions of the international community and rights-advocating organizations to take responsibility in this direction.

Hak İnisiyatifi – Head Office